La rentrée!

Bonjour tout le monde!

I am so excited to have my students back this year! The 7th grade class is taking French I and my 8th grade class is taking French II and they are doing it for high-school credits.

I am teaching Kindergarten, first grade and second grade once a week for 20 minutes and third, fourth and fifth grade 40 minutes a week. This year, we decided to teach 6th grade three times a week  min each time) and I am sure that decision will impact them in a positive way.

Welcome back mes amis!

Madame Sebaa

La famille : 6th grade lesson



In November, my 6th graders learned how to talk about family members and pets.

Please take a look at their wonderful projects. It took 30 minutes for them to reflect and label their family members. They used the expression “il y a” which means “there is/there are” to describe their family.

They also played with puppets to introduce family members and were very excited to share their learning with classmates.



Writing activities en Francais


My 7th and 8th graders can talk about their likes and dislikes now. They sent their second email to their penpals and enjoy writing about activities they enjoy and share information about their lives.

We are planning to send a box full of letters and small gifts to the penpals. It should be done before Christmas. I will keep you updated!

Mrs Sebaa

Speaking activities 6th grade


Check these four videos of 6th graders speaking French! I see them twice a week but they learned so much already. I am so proud of their progress!

Please encourage your child to practice the language even if they read, write, speak, listen to it 10 minutes a day.

Remember, quizlet and duolingo are great tools !

Bon weekend!

Madame Sebaa